Joel Jadus, BS RYT200/200 & Musician, is founder and owner of Enter The Sun.

To "Enter The Sun" is to step out from the Darkness of self-limitation, addiction, anxiety, stress, depression, poor health, illness or injury, and to walk into Your Light of Maximum Potential, Wholeness, Balance, Health and Happiness. To "Enter The Sun" is to live an Empowered life, Living Your Passion, Expressing your True Self - Living a Happy, Fullfilled Life - Being Your Unlimited Authentic Self- SERVING YOUR TRUE SELF AND SERVING THE COMMUNITY TO THE FULLEST! Through Yoga, Drumming and Music group classes and private sessions, I guide, help and support people as they move from Self-limitation to Self-Empowerment - from Imbalance to BALANCE - providing tools through Yoga, Drumming & Music to realize a Healthy, Happy, Empowered Life!

RECOVERY- Though it definitely still is, Recovery is not just for drugs and alcohol anymore. Recovery is much more. We are all recovering from some form(s) of self-limiting activities, beliefs and thought patterns that have held us back from finding and expressing our True Self - Living a Life of Health, Happiness - Sharing and Expressing our Talents with Passion AND Balance - serving both our self and our community at our highest potential. Due to these self-limiting beliefs, we may have some type of addiction, suffer depression, anxiety, stress, physical or emotional illness that is holding us back us from realizing True Happiness - Living an Empowered Life! Let Joel Jadus help you Enter The Sun - and ALIGHN with and BE YOUR TRUE EMPOWERED SELF!

With a BS in the Medical Sciences (Biology/Chemistry) I spent over 13 years in Pharmaceutical Research & Development Science creating Medicine to help "heal" people.. In 2008, I began utilizing my 14 + years of yoga & meditation practices - combined with drumming and music - to overcome my own self-limitation, alcoholism, physical and emotional pain and suffering. So convinced of the efficacy of these alternative methods, I created Enter The Sun in 2010 to help others move from limitation to EMPOWERMENT and to truly achieve their highest potential. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor (Dual RYT200) Registered with Yoga Alliance and The International Association of Yoga Therapists. I provide all my services blanketed under Yoga Therapy. I provide Private and Group Yoga Instruction and Yoga Therapy, as well as Music, Drumming, Sound and Vibrational Therapy and Yoga instruction for All types of people ranging from those suffering from some type of Physical/Emotional/Spiritual Imbalance (e.g. Injured, Addicted, Depressed, Stressed, etc) to Athletes, Professionals and Everyone who wishes to maximize and reach their Full Potential. With over 14 years of meditation and Yoga Practice, experience in College Athletics, Medicine & Music .. I am a Father, Scientist, Athlete, Musician, and Yogi.. committed to helping all my clients achieve their optimum potential of Balance, Health and Happiness. I teach classes at The Longhouse in Gulfport, FL and hold private sessions there, at your residence or place of business. I also teach Restorative Yoga and Kundalini Yoga at First Unity of St Petersburg and Sunken Gardens, respectively, through A Yoga Village.  Call NOW for a Free phone consultation.

Joel Jadus, creates, produces and performs Live Music for Yoga and Healing Services in the Tampa Bay - St Petersburg area.  He is also a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), Registered International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), and provides healing therapy using alternative methods such as:

With a strong background in the Medical Sciences and Athletics (NCAA college football), Joel merges his scientific and fitness-related knowledge with these alternative methods in order to help you achieve your inherent state of good health, peace and happiness. Joel also creates, produces and performs music for Yoga, Meditation, Unity and Awakening under the name Enter The Sun.

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